Generate Script for SQL Azure Database

Microsoft Windows Azure is very famous cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft. So everyone nowdays want to put his/her application and database on the Windows Azure.

I would like to let you know how we can generate script from our local sql server database for the Sql Azure Database.

please follow the steps written below :-

1. Open your Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio.

2. Right Click on the Database and Click on “Tasks”  and then “Generate Scripts…”.

3. It will open Generate and Publish Scripts dialog.

4. Click on “Next”.

5. Click on the “Advanced” Button. It will open a new windows dialog.

6. Change the Database Engine Type “SQL Azure Database” like in below image.

SQL Azure Database

7. You can also change the “Type of data to script” to “Schema and Data”, if you want a script with database and schema both.

8. Press “Next” and then “Finish”, it will generate the script for the SQL Azure Database.



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