Create Sql Server Database Login in 5 Mintues

To make our database secure we have to create Sql Server Login. So I will let you know how we can create Sql Server Login in 5 mintues. Follow below steps :-

1. Open your Microsoft Sql Server 2008 r2 / 2012.

2. Right click on the Sql Server Instance and Select “Properties”.

3. Click on Security and Select the “SQL Server and Windows Authenctication Mode” radio button.

select mixed mode

4.  Click on “Security” and in the Dialog Box enter detail like marked in below image.

add security in sql server

5. Then Add roles to Sql Server user as given in below image.

add sql server user roles

6. Select the “User Mapping” like below image.

user mapping in sql server

7. At last you have to Right Click on instance and Click Restart.

8. When you try to login with new created user first time, it will ask new password.  So set new password whatever you want and continue.

Happy Coding….


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