Copy Content of Website

<>As IT field is growing very fast, everyone want to get some benefits from it. So Today I would let you know how we can copy the content of website in minutes.

when I first time heard form my friend about the Scrapy, I surprised is it possible to copy the contents from other website, but after spend 2-3 days in research and found its possible to copy the content form the other websites just in minutes. But you should basic knowledge of python, HTML etc. But one thing keep in mind don’t try too many attempts to crawl the spider it will block your IP address and you won’t able to crawl the content form the website. I will let you know how to prevent blocking IP address when you wants to crawl several times during testing.

For more information you can go the official website to learn with details steps. If you face any problem then feel free to contact me. I will keep posting how to install scrapy, how to create spider to crawl the content from the other website.

Before start scrapy I would suggest please visit and spend 1-2 days to learn basic of scrapy like how to install scrapy in windows, MAC etc. What is spider, What is crawler, What is pipeline, What is Xpath etc. I am sure once you get familiar with these basic things then you can easily learn how to copy content of existing site very easily by creating your own custom spiders.

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