Add line through past events jquery full calendar

I used jquery full calendar in my one of project and I need to mark line through the past events of full calendar. I found some good ideas from the google, but I need to tweak that ideas and make it as per my requirements.

I just added a css class to past events when events rendered. Please have a look below working code.

 eventRender: function (calev, elt, view) {
                    var ntoday = new Date();
                    if (calev.start._d.getTime() < ntoday.getTime()) {

My css of past class is something like below

 .past div.fc-time, .past div.fc-title {
            text-decoration: line-through;

if you want to change the background color you can add more style like background-color:red;

Hope it works for you as well.


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