hp laptop windows 10 wifi not working

I have that issue with my hp laptop model 2125 TU. Earlier my wifi was working very fine. But suddenly it stopped working. So I called my internet service provider (Airtel) like I have this type of issue. Then they suggested me it may be due to wifi modem.

I purchased new wifi modem but no luck again. It was working fine with LAN cable, but wifi having only one tower and some connect and some disconnect auto. Some says it might be due to virus, but I was sure it’s not due to virus or anything else.

Then I thought to install new windows, but it took more time as I have install all the softwares as well. I called my friend who replair computers. He suggested me to un-install the wifi driver and check if it auto pick as I have installed windows 10.

I did as he asked and It worked like charm. It saved my 2-3 hours of installation.

Here the steps of fixing issue hp laptop with windows 10

1. First of all open your device manager (open run command by widnow + R keyword from keyboard)
2. Once run open type devmgmt.msc
3. It will open device manager
4. Then click on Network adapters
5. Expand newwork adapters and you will see the first option with ending WiFi Adapter
6. Right click and Un-install the driver.
7. Restart your PC and connect with WiFi you have.

Please see below images as well.



This worked for me like charm. So I thought to share this with others.


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