How to become a successful software engineer

India is the country where students become engineer’s first and then think what to do. Most of the students doing engineering and computer courses to become a successful software engineer and they took admission in the engineering colleges. But they only get degrees or certificates from the colleges not the skills which required to become a successful engineer and they even don’t know what they will do after degree completion that’s fact.

I have also done B.Tech in computer science engineering, but my thinking was different than the other students. They just want degree but I want’s degree + skills. So I can easily get good job. So me and my friend started learn programming languages while study. Our college teachers teach us programmings languages but only to pass in that programming subject not to improve our programming skills.

But I was eager to learn more, so I started learn online about the C, C++ programming languages and HTML and CSS for the design interface. Once I learned I started work to develop colleges and schools website in my area using HTML and CSS. It increase my interest as I able to learn and earn while study.

But my bad luck when my B.Tech completed there was no placement in our college, because our college wasn’t too famous. But as I move to Chandigarh for 6 month industrial training and learn with C# there. After 6 month I got placed in that company where I did industrial training.

But after some time I resigned my jobs due to some dispute, but then I started work as freelancer and working since 1+ year as freelancer and learning new technologies as well.

So to become successful software engineer learn programming languages as much as you can while you are in college. It will take some time but when you finish your college you will be the best than other classmates.

But if you already finish colleges and didn’t started any programming language, but want to success don’t worry. Go to some institute and spend some time there to learn programming languages and practices as much as you can or there are some paid websites like,, etc. to learn from home. I would recommended to learn HTML5, CSS3 for design webpages and with C# to develop mobile, windows and web applications.

You guys eager to know why I recommended with C#. This same question a person asked me while I was in college why I choose instead of java, php and other technologies then my answer was its Microsoft product and even paid but most of the windows, mobile and web applications ane build in the

So guys choose whatever technology you want but become master in that technology or think no one is better than you in that programming language.

Here some tips :-

Learn some UI design technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap etc.
Learn programming languages like C, C++, with C#, Ruby on Rails, PHP, java etc.
Learn about databases like MS SQL Server, MySQL etc.
Follow Good developers.
Read Articles about good programming habits.
Practice on your typing skills, it will save your time while programming.
Join good programming groups on facebook.
Register some paid website like,, etc.
Keep update yourself with new technologies.


No one is perfect but do practice as much as you can and when you learn new from other try to implement this in you daily life and it would become your habit soon.
Practice makes man perfect..

Best of luck for your future…..Cheers

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