[fixed] Remote phpmyadmin mysql connect from local mysql benchmark tool

So today I’m going to explain how we can connect with our remote phpMyAdmin mysql with local system mysql. I had same issue, as I’m .net developer and worked most of the time with sql server. I had no idea how to make it working.

I did some research but found good article, but as I was new to mysql and phpMyAdmin don’t know what to do. So I asked a senior ROR developer who had good experience with mysql but only commnad based. Then he helped me out and I was able to connect with phpMyAdmin mysql from my local mysql benchmark tool.

Please find below the steps to connect with remote phpMyAdmin mysql with local mysql

1. First of all login to your cPanel.
2. Once you logged in to cPanel, find your phpMyAdmin. It might be under SQL Services.
3. Once you clicked on phpMyAdmin, it will navigate to localhost my sql.
4. Then you have to select mysql database from the left navigation bar. please find below image.

5. Now please execute this query by selecting the user table from the mysql table. Make sure you replace ip address and you password with your ip address like and password you want to connect.

GRANT ALL ON *.* to root@'your ip address' IDENTIFIED BY 'your password';

see below image as well for better help

6. Now run below command.


7. Now go to mysql -> user table and see if your ip address is added there or not, if yes then you are good to go my friend. Run below query to check.


That’s it, now you can open your local host mysql tool and give a shot.

Hope it will help you, If any assistance needed feel free to reach out to me by comment in below.

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