[Fixed] HTTP Error: 401, The entered credentials were incorrect

Today, I’m going to show how to fix this error which you can face while deploy to firebase. Actually I was working on startup project using firebase. As I was new to firebase development, my friend created a new instance of firebase for me to develop and deploy.

He passed me some command which used to login, logout and deploy code. Once I did changes and want to deploy as friend asked me to use command firebase deploy after login. But I found it throw me a error like below image.

Error: HTTP Error: 401, The entered credentials were incorrect



How to fix firebase entered credentials were incorrect.

It’s due to you may be changed the your project name from the firebase but forgot to update in the source code. That was my case, so if it’s same for you, please find below steps:

1. Please go to your .firebaserc file and update the project name.



2. Then save the file and run the firebase deploy command again. It will work like charm.


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