fix chrome extra modal popups and ads

Sometime while using chrome you can see extra ads and ads modal popups which irritate us. Its due to installation of unnecessary software’s.
When we download the software’s from the internet and install on the system, It automatically install unnecessary applications too into our system like offerswizard Network System Driver,Search Protect,Sweet-Page, Mezaa, Tune Up Utilites and some other search engines set default in our browsers chrome.

Like your search engine change from Google to Bing or Google to Yahoo or some other search engine’s. Some time your chrome browser show unnecessary ads and modal popups.

To get rid of these you have to simply go to the control panel and remove all extra software installed automatically while installation of applications like offerswizard Network System Driver, Sweet-Page, Search Protect, Mezaa, Tune Up Utilities etc and other outdated applications not using by you.

Most Probably offerwizard Network System Driver causes this problem. Once you un-install it no ads from offerwizard will show anymore.

It will save your memory too and get rid of unnecessary modal popups and ads on browser.


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