Does installation of SSD speed up?

If your computer is slow even with good configuration then I would of course recommend the SSD. I had same issue earlier. As profession I’m programmer and I have to work on large and slow IDE like visual studio, sql server, photoshop tools. If some time I opened two instance of visual studio once it hanged and that’s what frustrating thing for a programmer.

Then one of my friend suggested me to install SSD, at first I offended him. But as he insisted me to go for it. You won’t believe it did miracle. It solved my problem and it’s very faster than earlier. Now I can open even 2 instances of visual studio or other tools too at same time.

What installation of SSD drive will improve :-
1. It will reduce the boot time.
2. Launch the application will be faster.
3. You can open multiple tools at once with faster speed.
4. Copying file speeds up.
5. You can run the code very fast in visual studio.
6. Fast to debugg the code load time.

It might cost you 6k INR, but it’s worth trust me. No need to buy new laptop if you have good configuration like i3, 4GB. You can case the existing HDD and make it external hard disk as I did.

Hope you will go ahead for this as I go.:)

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