5 ways to Improve computers speed

Now days everyone wants fast things even its computer, mobile, internet, websites like stuff. So I am going to let you guys know how we can increase the speed/performance of our system.

you have to follow below easy 5 steps to increase the computers speed/performance.

1. Remove temporary files

The first and very basic step is to delete the temporary files from your system. Its very easy you have to just type %temp% command in Run and press enter. It will show you temporary files folder and you have to select all files and delete all files permanently.

Again open Run and type prefetch command and enter. It will also open folder of unnecessary files. Select all files and delete permanently.

2. Use clean manager to remove unnecessary files

We can use inbuilt software application of microsoft to remove unnecessary files, which is known as Clear manager. Open Run and type clearnmgr.exe command. It will ask to which drive you want to clean you can select drive which you want to clean. But don’t forgot to clean C drive. When you start clean process it will ask folder and files you want to clean then select all files and folder.

2. Remove unnecessary applications from startup

When you start computer there is startup feature which allow us to show applications when computer start. You have to go in startup and remove the unnecessary files. It will increase your system start time. You can do it by simply type msconfig command in the Run. It will show windows like below


Due to windows 8.1 its asking for go to task manager, but in other windows it will show startup applications in that dialog. You have to un-check unnecessary applications like skype update, mozilla update etc you don’t want to see when system start.

4. Un-install unnecessary applications

We installed a lot of applications in our system but after sometime we don’t use them. So what ever applications you think useless uninstall those. It will increase your system speed and save space as well of C drive. You can do this by go to Control panel by type control command in the Run.

5. Increase your memory and C drive

As we all know RAM play a vital role in our computer to work. So try to increase the size to your Ram which best fit to your system configuration. Its doesn’t cost too much but save your a lot of time. One thing more try to set your C drive size minimum 100GB. It will also improve computer performace.

Hope you like this post…

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