visual studio 2013 add areas missing

I created a new project using visual studio 2013, Then tried to add new area but found there wasn’t any option to add areas.

I did google but didn’t found any proper solution. After some time I found someone wasn’t able to add controller in their project by right click and add new controller. He mentioned he just installed Microsoft.ASP.NET MVC library from the nudget and they able to add controller.

I tried same and installed Microsoft.ASP.NET MVC library through the nudget and able to add areas.


Steps to show missing area option in visual studio 2013

1. Right click on the project -> Manage NuGet Packages..
2. Search “Microsoft.ASP.NET MVC”
3. Then click and install it.
4. Now Click on project -> Add -> Area..

Add new controller missing visual studio 2013

Happy coding…

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