[Solved] copy paste shortcut in mdi form windows app asp.net c#

Recently, I was working on windows application. I used mdi form of windows application. Once I developed the whole application and tried to test and found cut, copy, paste shortcut wasn’t working on the form controls textbox even when I right click on the textbox and then copy and paste working. Then I did google to found the solution, but didn’t get proper solution. Suddenly I check copy and paste shortcut was already in use of menu strip of mdi form under Edit.

So I just removed the cut, copy, paste, select all shortcut keys from the menu strip under Edit like below image.

you have to go on Edit and select the Cut, Copy, Paste sub-menu and then remove the ShortcutKeys property from the properties dialog. It works like charm for me.


Hope it save your time…
happy coding….

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