safari file upload not working after update ios 9.3.1

Hey friends, I just build a web application with some file uploads. It was working fine but once I updated my mobile with ios 9.3.1 it started show me error file upload failed. I was surprised when my client asked that’s the issue most of the user facing.

I try to google but got some rumours regarding the issue of 9.3.0 version with safari. Then I tested the app on older version 9.3.0 it worked there but not with 9.3.1.

Here the errors I got while debug. I got some javascript error “Request Body Stream Exhausted”

safari image upload issue

safari image upload issue

At the end after some research and help of my senior developer friend we figured out the reason. It was due to implementation of http authentication in my application. I just goes to my web.config file and just set the Http Authentication Mode to None worked like charm.


Hope it will work for you guys as well. If yes then don’t forgot to comment and share it with others too.

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