how to make executable file in visual studio 2012

In the earlier visual studios like 2008 and 2010 we can create exe files of windows applications, but you have to add visual studio installer. It might take more than one clicks to create exe file.

But in the visual studio 2012 you can create exe file of the project without any click. When you create a windows application and run the application it automatically create the exe file for you.

But it stored in the bin/debug folder. By default bin folder is hidden, first of all you have to show all the hidden files in the solution. You can do this by simply click on button like below

create exe file windows app

Click on the third file LoanManagementSystem.exe file is executable file here. Remember the executable file should be name of the project. As I have LoanManagementSystem and it makes LoanManagementSystem.exe

When you click on the LoanManagementSystem.exe it will run the application.

If you want’s to run this application on other system then go and read this link asp-net-build-and-run-windows-application-or-other-system

Hope it will help you…


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