[Fixed] could not retrieve the management service (WMSVC) settings

So I had this issue while setup SSL certificate on the IIS Server. Web deploy was working fine before but I was installing SSL certificate and by mistake I deleted WMSVC certificate.

I wasn’t aware about this if that will break my web deploy. After a few days I realized that might be the case. Then assigned my SSL certificate to my WMSVC and it started working again.

To fix this issue please follow steps mentioned below.

  1. Open IIS Manager by typing inetmgr into you run command.

2. It will open your IIS Manager. Then go Server Certificates.

3. If you have SSL certificate then you don’t need to create. Otherwise you can create a new Self-Signed certificate.

4. Name it WMSVC and Personal in certificate store.

5. Then go back to the Management Service.

6. Then select SSL Certificate “WMSVC” and click on Start.

Boom you are good to go now. Just go ahead and give a shot to with web deploy and it will work like charm.

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