[Asp.net] build and run windows application on other system

I started build a windows application during my college days using front end asp.net with c# and back end MS Sql server. I was able to develop the windows applications and it was working at my machine but when after build or make exe file try to run on other systems, it give me error. I didn’t get the error because at that time I don’t have much experience about that type of errors.


Then I consult with some senior programmer about that even he couldn’t solve this problem. After some days I found the reason why it showing me that error.

It’s due to windows application unable to found the database on the other machine.

If you don’t know how to create exe file of windows application using visual studio 2012 then go to this link how-to-make-executable-file-in-visual-studio-2012

How I fix that

Then what I did installed MS Sql server on the other machine and restore the database there too. After that before make exe file I give the server name and database name in the app.config of client machine where I have to install or run the application. Please copy and paste whole debug folder at client machine and then run exe file.

Before run the application please check .net framework is already installed or not. If not then first intall the .net framework too at client machine

Then try to run and it will works like charm..

Hope it will help you guys too…

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